Exhibit Gallery

Museums are not out-of-date places where they keep dusty, old, stuffed specimens! Come see for yourself. Explore the bird, fish, insect, mammal, and zooarchaeology collections and get a glimpse of all the exciting work that goes on at the museum.

Eye on Conservation 

Did you know that Georgia has one of the richest diversities of plants and animals in the country?


Previous Web-Based Exhibits on Georgia Wildlife, Fishes of Georgia, Georgia Marine Mammals are under construction at this time.

Guide to Campus Wildlife

This guide is designed to help you identify the animals you may see on and around the University of Georgia Campus.

Preserving Natural History at the University of Georgia

The Georgia Museum of Natural History and the University of Georgia Libraries partnered for the exhibit Preserving Natural History at the University of Georgia, on display during October 2005 in the Science Library at UGA. An online gallery of the display is available.

Southeastern Birds Photo Archive

This is a multi-page series on southeastern birds. The images were predominantly taken by Dr. Dan Sudia.

Southeastern Reptiles & Amphibians Photo Archive (removed dead link here - JW)

This section of the Georgia Museum of Natural History web site contains images of Southeastern amphibians and reptiles.

Vascular Plant Atlas of Georgia

The University of Georgia Herbarium has created The Vascular Plant Atlas of Georgia, a source of information regarding the distribution of plants throughout the state.