Pred / prey

Museums are not out-of-date places where they keep dusty, old, stuffed specimens! Come see for yourself. Explore the bird, fish, insect, mammal, and zooarchaeology collections and get a glimpse of all the exciting work that goes on at the museum.

The exhibit gallery is open to everyone, but probably more suitable for groups with children over 5 years old. Tour group size is limited, so for large groups (8 or more), please call (706) 542-1663.

The Natural history Building on the University of Georgia Campus at the corner of East Campus Road and Cedar Street (101 Cedar Street).

Exhibit Gallery Hours
Mon - Fri: 10:00 am until 4:00 pm  
The exhibit gallery is free.

The museum will be closed on weekends.  

The Museum will also be CLOSED on Federal and university holidays.

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