Whale of a Move!

Moving a whale skull

The Georgia Museum of Natural History is excited about the addition of hundreds of specimens to our research collection. These specimens include skins, skulls, postcranial skeletons, and fluid-preserved materials from the Northeastern University Vertebrate Collection in Nahant, MA. We look forward to sharing this impressive collection with the public in the near future. Read more here.

Marine Mammal Website

Rescued Bottlenose Dolphin

The Marine Mammal Stranding Database website was designed to provide access to marine mammal stranding records to state data managers and to the public.

Additionally, there is information about marine mammal conservation, threats, history, and natural history information about species that might be seen off of Georgia's coast.

Historic Indian Mounds

Singer Moye Indian Mounds

Georgia Museum of Natural History acquires Singer Moye Indian Mounds.

November 17 2008 marked the official transfer of the "Singer-Moye" site, an indian mound site found in Stewart County Georgia, from the Columbus Museum to the Georgia Museum of Natural History. The site contains eight known mounds from the Mississippian period and covers approximately 35 acres.

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